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ganga aarti

The Indian River Ganga or Ganges, which originates in the Himalayas, is personified and worshipped as a goddess by the Hindus. There are many stories about the origination of river Ganga in Indian mythology. Devotees gather on her banks daily in various holy cities of India like Varanasi, Haridwar and Allahabad as she (Maa Ganga) flows by energetically. Such special occasions are always accompanied by the singing of the Maa Ganga aarti.
|| Shri Ganga Aarti ||
Aarti ganga maiya, man jai sursari maiya
Bhav-varidhi-uddharini atihi sudradh naiya,

man Jai sursari maiya...

Hari pada-padam-prasuta vimal varidhara,
Brahmadeva Bhagirathi shuchi punyagara,

man Jai sursari maiya...

Shankar-jata-viharini, hanoi trya tapa,
Sagar-putra-gana-tarini harani sakal papai

man Jai sursari maiya...

Ganga Ganga jo jana uchcharat mukha son,
Dur desh man sthit bhi turat tarat sukh son,

man Jai sursari maiya...

Mrit ki asthi tanik tuv jal dhara pavai,
So jan pavan hokar param dham javai,

man Jai sursari maiya...

Tav tatvasi taruvar, jal thal char prani
Pakshi-pashu-patang gati pavai nirvani,

man Jai sursari maiya...

Matu, daya mai kijai dinan par daya
Prabhu pad padma milakar Hari lijai maya,

man Jai sursari maiya...

Enchanting is the aarti sung to goddess Ganga on the banks of holy Indian cities that it draws people from far and wide. The entire place acquires a very spiritual feel with the chants of Ganga aarti mingling with the gurgling of the flowing water. Hindus believe that bathing in River Ganga on certain occasions causes the remission of sins and facilitates the attainment of salvation. Read on to know the aarti sung in praise of Maa Ganga.

|| Shri Ganga Aarti Video ||

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