saraswati|| Goddess Saraswati ||

Goddess Saraswathi symbolizes the Power of Knowledge and is worshipped in all parts of India, particularly during the Navaratri period. She is shown riding on a swan or sometimes sitting on a lotus flower. The Swan is a bird with the power of separating water from milk and so represents the power of discrimination. Lotus represents Purity and Truth. The four hands of the  Goddess represent mind, intellect, consciousness, and ego which are the requisite attributes of Knowledge. She is shown playing the Indian musical instrument Veena, symbolizing that Knowledge tunes up the mind and intellect of Man to draw out the music and melody of life. As the entire Creation and all activities there in, require to be supported by true knowledge, the Goddess Saraswathi is given the status of a consort to Lord Brahma, the Creator of the Universe, as conceived in Hindu mythology.

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