May noble wisdom come to us from all sides, undeceived, unhindered, overflowing, so that the Devas may always help us onward, unceasing is their care, our Guardians day by day. - Rig Veda

Dharma is God's Divine Law, the law of being. Dharma is to the individual what its normal development is to a seed, the orderly fulfillment of an inherent nature and destiny. When following dharma, you are in harmony with the cosmic order; you abide close to God. The moral dimension of Hindu dharma is embodied in the eight yamas (restrains) and eight niyamas (observances). The yamas are: non-violence, not stealing; disciplining desire; abjuring lust and greed; curbing arrogance and anger; not lying; avoiding injustice; shunning wrongdoing and ev il company. The niyamas: be pure in body, mind and speech; love mankind; seek contentment; cultivate devotion; develop forbearance; give charitably; study the scriptures; preform penance and sacrifice. Every person has his or her path; worship God, and your dharma will become clear.

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