All of us are aware of the Pole Star, it is just above the North Pole, it is a bright star that is always in the same position when viewed from any position on earth. It has served as a guide for many sailors and mariners for generations, it is even used now as a point of reference for astronomers for various types of calculations. In Indian legends there is a story about this star known as Dhruv Nakshatra or Dhruv Tara.

Dhruv was the son of a king who had two wives, in those days it was an honour for a woman to be wife of a king and it was a privilege and prestige for a king to have more than one wife. Sunita was the first wife and so was entitled to be called the queen and share the throne and participate in the governance of their subject, her son would eventually become the heir to the throne. But Sunita did not bear children for a long time. In the meantime, a son was born to Sumati, the second wife, and she became jealous of the queen. She was afraid that if a son were to be born to Sunita her son would not be the heir to the throne.

So she pleaded with the king and managed to send away Sunita to a separate dwelling in the forest. But after some time Sunita gave birth to a beautiful male child whom she named Dhruv. Dhruv grew up in the midst of Nature experiencing all its wonders and beauties. Many sages and travelers who passed by, visited Sunita and her son to exchange ideas on religion, philosophy and worldly life. Sunita and Dhruv lived happily, as years rolled by though Sunita was always afraid that one day something unexpected may happen which would upset their happiness. 

Seven years after his birth, Dhruv expressed a desire to see his father. Although Sunita was fearful that he may not be received well in his father’s palace, she readily consented. After dressing him up appropriately and feeding him, she gave the necessary directions to him to go and see his father. When he reached the palace, the king was overwhelmed with joy to see his own son after so many years and made him sit on his lap. Sumati could not tolerate this sight and pulled him out of his lap and made her own son sit there instead. Although Dhruv was disappointed he touched the feet of his father and also of Sumati and quietly returned to his own house in the forest, but he appeared distressed.  

When his mother pressed him to say what happened, he narrated in full detail all that happened at the palace and asked a question as to who was more powerful than a king. Sunita was sorry to  hear about what happened and wondered why he was asking such a question, she replied that the Lotus eyed Vishnu is all merciful and more powerful than any king and he lives far away. After hearing that he desired to seek Lord Vishnu, so one night when his mother was asleep he went close to her, and prayed that Lord Vishnu may look after her and quietly went out all alone in the forest, which was previously forbidden to him. In the forest he encountered with thorny bushes, shady trees and even wild animals. He went on asking fearlessly everything and everybody he met, about who was the Lotus eyed Vishnu. 

They were all ashamed for not knowing and quietly went aside without harming him in any way. Then suddenly the sage Narada appeared before him and explained to him that the way to seek Vishnu is not to go on wandering aimlessly but to sit in a place with crossed legs (Padmasana) and chant the mantra ‘Om Namo Narayana Naya’. The young Dhruva followed the instruction of Narada accordingly, and one day, Lord Vishnu appeared before him and asked him what he wanted, because he was pleased with his steadfast devotion and aim. Dhruv simply replied that he wanted nothing more than to remain with Him only, on hearing this Vishnu was pleased to grant him the boon and created the Dhruva Star, a place where he and his mother r lived happily and he remained as a shining guide to all others.

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