Brahma Purana


  • A Profile of Brahmaji
  • Scriptural Appearance of Brahmaji
  • Four Heads of Brahmaji
  • White Beard of Brahmaji
  • Swan as a Vehicle of Brahmaji
  • Purpose of Holding Vedas 
  • Rosary in Second Hand
  • Kamandalu (Coconut Shell Bowl)
  • Seat of the Lotus
  • Appearance of Sarasvati
  • Significance of Book and Veena (Lyre)
  • Beaded Rosary
  • Appearance of Lord Vishnu
  • Reflection of Scriptural Appearance
  • Scientific Depiction of Vishnu’s Appearance
  • Why does Lord Vishnu rest on Sheshanaga?
  • Why is Lotus in the Navel?
  • Why does Vishnu stay in the Sea of Milk?
  • Reason for holding the Wheel
  • Reason for holding the Conch
  • Purpose of Kaustubhamani
  • Why does Lord Vishnu hold a Mace?
  • Why is Garuda (Eagle) the Vehicle of Vishnu?
  • Why Goddess Laxmi presses the feet of God?
  • Reason for Liquidity of Laxmi
  • Why is the owl the vehicle of Laxmi?

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