Lord Chitragupta

Om Chitravaso Swasti Te Paramshiya

Lord Chitragupta is supposed to have originated from the body of Lord Brahma, the Creator of the Universe (Manas Putra born out of cosmic influences) and so he is named “Kayashtha” hence all his descendents on earth are known as Kayashthas. They are a community, mostly spread out in the northern parts of India.
Chitraguptaji is endowed with powers to control the activities of all beings in the Universe, He is supposed to maintain a complete record of all good and bad deeds of all beings, He administers rewards and punishments to people as they deserve and grants boons to his devotees. He is supposed to have blessed Bhishma Pitamaha of Mahabharat to have a control on the time of his death. He is supposed to be guided by the principles of life enunciated by Dharamraj and also served as his principle advisor on matters of Dharma; His followers adopt the principles of Vaishnavism and also worship Bhawani- Durgaji.

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Mahesh said...

Really very powerful mantra! can you please provide mahalakshmi stotram ...

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