Lyrics and Video of Hanuman Aarti

|| Shri Hanuman Aarti ||

The aarti of lord Hanuman is also popularly called the Bajrangbali aarti. Hindu devotees believe that the worship of God Hanuman is incomplete without the singing of the Hanuman aarti. The Hanuman aarti praises the lord and thanks him for the fact that by his grace, problems and ill-health do not affect his devotees.
Aarti kejeye hanuman lalaa ki |
Dusht dalan raghunath kala ki ||

Jake bal se girivar kape |
Rog dhosh jake nikat na jhape ||
Aarti kejeye hanuman ..........

Anjani putra maha baldhai |
Santan ke prabhu sada sahai ||
Aarti kejeye hanuman .........

De vira raghunath pathai |
Lanka jare siya sudhi laye ||
Aarti kejeye hanuman .......

Lanka so kot samudar se khai |
Jat pavansut bar na layi ||
Aarti kejeye hanuman .......

Lanka jare asur saghare |
Siyaramji ke kaaj shavare ||
Aarti kejeye hanuman ......

. Laxman murchit pade sakare |
Aani sanjeevan pran ubhare ||
Aarti kejeye hanuman .........

Pethi patal tori jam-kare |
Aahiravan ki bhuja ukhare ||
Aarti kejeye hanuman .......

Baye bhuja asurdal mare |
Dahine bhuja santjan tare ||
Aarti kejeye hanuman ......

Sur nar muni aarti utare |
Jai jai jai hanuman uchare ||
Aarti kejeye hanuman .......

Kanchan thal kapor loo chayi |
Aarti karat anjani mai ||
Aarti kejeye hanuman .........

Jo hanuman ji ke aarti gavey |
Basi baykunt param pad pavey ||
Aarti kejeye hanuman ..........

Lord Hanuman, in Indian mythology, is hailed for bringing back Lord Laxman to life and for overcoming evil by defeating demon, Ravana at the battle in Lanka. Swami Tulsidas has hence sung praises of Bajrangbali in his aarti. It is believed that people who sing the Hanuman aarti will get the honor of being at the highest pedestal in heaven. Sing the aarti given below to truly feel its divine power.
|| Shri Hanuman Aarti Video || 

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Read Hanuman Chalisa to get rid of any type of evil spirits.

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Jai Sree Ram. hanuman chalisa is Great Mantra for help ward off spirits.

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