Offering of perfumed substances, flowers, incense, lamps and fresh fruit, these are the five elements of the traditional puja which culminates with offering of the lamp. - Kamika Agama

Worship expresses our profound love for God. Puja, bhajan, prayer and meditation are all worshipful means of direct, personal communion with God and Gods. God, Gods and devas are all real beings dwelling in the inner worlds. They can and want to help you in every aspect of your life. They do this in accord with your own patterns of karma and dharma. 

Daily, personal puja at home keeps you God-conscious and your home holy. God has established many temples to allow us to intimately communicate with Him. Temple puja opens a channel to God. Through His personal presence and Shakti, prayers are answered, karma softened, spiritual unfoldment guided. Surrender, worship with intense love, and God hears.

These four facts; karma, reincarnation, dharma, worship are the essence of the Vedas and Agamas and the fabric of every Hindu's life. ‘Speak of them to all who will listen; they are the heritage of all souls’.

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