Lord Shiva : The Destroyer


|| Om Namah Shivay ||

Lord Shiva also known as Shankar is invoked as Master of Life and Death and worshipped in several forms and ways. He is also known as Mahadeva, greatest of all gods, because He sipped poison to save the lives of all the Devas, hence He is also called Neelakantha - the blue throated Deva. The icon in the form of Linga and Yoni is interpreted as a phallic emblem, a symbol of generative power in Nature understood in its full purity by ancient sages. There are twelve  sacred Lingas known as “Jyothir Lingas” in India. Another conception of Shiva is that of ‘Ardhanareeswara’, to highlight the scientific principle of Animus and Anima and that of silent Dakshinamurthi symbolizing that silence is the language of Realization. Shiva is the God with three eyes-Triyambaka Deva- symbolizing the sun, moon and fire which constitute the threefold vital powers for human survival and death, which are invoked during sacrifices and Yagnas.- sacred fire rituals as per Vedas.

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