Sasanka Chakram Sakirita Kundalam
Sapeeta Vastram Sarasiruhekshanam
Sahara Vakshsthala Kuasthabhasriyam
Namami Vishnum Sirasa Chaturbhujam

The famous temple of Lord Shrinath, an image of Lord Krishna is located in Nathdwara near Udaipur, Rajashthan, constructed in 1783 A.D. Lord Shrinath is the Ishta Deva of Pushtimarg or Vallabha Sampradaya of Vaishnavism. He is also known as Govardhan or Shriji Bava. Shrinathji represents Krishna lifting the Govardhan Hill to subdue Indra who was sending heavy rain causing considerable hardship to the cowherds of Gokul. As most Hindu idols symbolically represent the various aspects of Hindu philosophy, the icon of Shrinathji is indicative of the need to shed the ego in the human mind and surrendering to him completely, to get out of worldly miseries, to hold on tightly to God and to unite with Satchitananda to reach the Ultimate Truth. This is the fundamental principle of Vishnava Sampradaya.

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