Bhramcharini Devi

|| Bhramcharini Devi ||

Second day of Navratri deidicated to Bhramcharini Devi

2nd appearance of Ma-Durga is known as Brahmacharini. Brahma means penance meaning Brahamacharini doing penance. Brahma has 3 meaning knowledge of scriptures, essence and penance. Brahma that is who observes penance(tapa) and good conduct. She is depicted with prayer beads in her right hand and Kamandal in left hand.

Legend states that in a previous birth she was Parvati Hemavati the daughter of Himvan. Once when she was busy in games with her friends,Naradaji came to see her and on reading her hand/palm-lines Narad Muni stated that, “You will get married with a naked-terrible ‘Bhole baba’ who was with you in the form of Sati, the daughter of Daksh in previous birth. But now you have to perform penance for him.” There upon Parvati told her mother Menaka that she would marry none except Shambhu, otherwise she would remain unmarried. Saying this she went to observe penance. That is why her name is famous as tapacharini – Brahmacharini. From that time her name Uma also became familiar. She is the one who practices devout austerity. Filled with bliss and happiness, she is the way to emancipation – Moksha.‘Brahma’ here refers to the meditative aspect of Brahmacharini and is always depicted as pious women or Sannyasin. She is also worshipped as goddess Tara and is associated with the pious form of Goddess Shakti. She is believed to be that aspect of Mother Goddess, which was present in Sati and Goddess Parvati, when they both did intense austerities to get Lord Shiva as husband. During the penance Mata Parvati did in order to gain Lord Shivji as her consort for thousands of yrs. without eating even leaves she penance so she was called ‘Aparna’. Seeing her body her mother uttered U-ma and so she is also called ‘Uma’. Her worship increases sacrifice,good deeds and restraint in humans. Rudraksha is her most adorned ornament.In some regions, Goddess Chamunda swarup of Durga is worshiped on the second day of Navratri. In this form she is believed to have killed the demons Chanda and Munda.There is a famous Chamunda Mata temple at Jodhpur.

Mantra to chant :

"Om doom durgaya namah". Bhramcharni devi is a store-house of knowledge and wisdom. Rudraksha is her most dear ornament. One hand holds a "Kumbha" or water pot and the other rosary beads of rudraksh. Special benediction--She personifies love and loyalty. We see energies of blue light manifesting bringing empowered actualization of goals. Mantra chanting empowers throat chakra, rectifies negative thoughts and blesses access for more liberating super karma and attracts forgiveness of negative karma. This day we also receive energies of strength and tolerance and create positive Karma to bring fame and fortune to ourselves and family. At this time blue light radiates from plants and trees in fine filaments activating throat and speech energies. Whatever is spoken will multiply for the next 6 months so on this day one must be particularly attentive to what one says out loud especially. We see the presence of energies of their Lordships Sita Ram--golden triangular energies of blessing as big as the human head descending from the north-east. All those who speak the truth during this time receive this energy within their mind, homes and future life. Offering: two apples and a candle/lamp to Bhramcharini devi morning and evening (after sunset); accept and share the apples in the evening with others. Mentally offer all fragrant flowers, fruits, gems, clothing.Offering of kheer - with lotus seeds (phul makhana) will bring glory to you. 

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