Madhurastakam has been a very popular devotional song. Hindu poet-philosopher Sripad Vallabha Acharya has created a beautiful Sanskrit composition in devotion of Lord Krishna which is called Madhurastakam (मधुराष्टकम). In this Madhurastakam Krishna Bhakt (Saint) experiences the Lord’s real svarupa (essence).

Madhurastakam plays an instrumental role in the realization of the Krishna. The Madhurastakam includes attributes and many qualities associated with Krishna, including the venu flute, cows, the Yamuna river, gopis, and Krishna's lila. These symbols related to the life and deeds of Lord Sri Krishna.

अधरं मधुरं  वदनं मधुरं नयनं मधुरं हसितं मधुरम् ‌।
हृदयं मधुरं गमनं मधुरं मधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम् ‌॥ १ ॥

Adharam Madhuram, Vadanam Madhram,
Nayanam Madhuram, Hasitham Maduram,
Hrudhayam Madhuram, Gamanam Maduram,
Madhuradhipather Akhilam Madhuram.

Meaning :(Krishna's) lips are sweet, face is sweet, eyes are sweet, smile is sweet, heart is sweet, gait (walk) is sweet, Everything is sweet about the Lord of Sweetness.

वचनं मधुरं चरितं मधुरं वसनं मधुरं वलितं मधुरम्‌ ।
चलितं मधुरं भ्रमितं मधुरं मधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम्‌ ॥ २ ॥

Vachanam Madhuram, Charitham Madhuram,
Vasanam Madhuram, Valitham Madhuram,
Chalitham Madhuram, Bramitham Maduram,
Madhurathipather Akhilam Madhuram.

Meaning :(Krishna's) words are sweet, character and deeds are sweet, dress (garment) is sweet, posture is sweet, movements are sweet, wandering is sweet, Everything is sweet about the Lord of Sweetness. 
वेणुर्मधुरो रेणुर्मधुरः पाणिर्मधुरः पादौ मधुरौ ।
नृत्यं मधुरं सख्यं मधुरं मधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम्‌ ॥ ३ ॥ 

Venur Madhura, Renur Madhura,
Panir Madhura, Padhou Madhura,
Nrithyam Madhuram, Sakhyam MadhuraM,
Madurathipather Akhilam Madura.

Meaning :(Krishna's) flute-playing is sweet, foot-dust is sweet, hands are sweet, feet are sweet, dancing is sweet, friendship (company) is sweet  Everything is sweet about the Lord of Sweetness.

गीतं मधुरं पीतं मधुरं भुक्तं मधुरं सुप्तं मधुरम्‌ ।
रूपं मधुरं तिलकं मधुरं मधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम् ‌॥ ४ ॥

Geetham Madhuram, Peetham Madhuram,
Bhuktham Madhuram,Suptham Madhuram,
Roopam Madhuram, Thilakam Madhuram
Madhurathipather akhilam Madhuram.
Meaning :(Krishna's) song is sweet, drinking is sweet, eating is sweet, sleeping is sweet, beautiful form is sweet, Tilaka (Sandalwood paste mark on the forehead) is sweet, Everything is sweet about the Lord of Sweetness.

करणं मधुरं तरणं मधुरं हरणं मधुरं रमणं मधुरम् ‌।
वमितं मधुरं शमितं मधुरं मधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम्‌ ॥ ५ ॥

Karanam Madhram, Tharanam Madhuram,
Haranam Madhuram, Ramanam Madhuram,
Vamitham Madhuram, Samitham Maduram,
Madhurathipather akhilam Madhuram.

Meaning :(Krishna's) deeds are sweet, conquest (liberating) is sweet, stealing is sweet, love-sports are sweet, oblations (offerings) are sweet, countenance is sweet, Everything is sweet about the Lord of Sweetness. 
गुञ्जा मधुरा माला मधुरा यमुना मधुरा वीची मधुरा ।
सलिलं मधुरं कमलं मधुरं मधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम् ‌॥ ६ ॥

Gunja Madhura, Mala Madhura,
Yamuna Madhura, Veechi Madhura,
Salilam Madhuram, Kamalam Madhuram,
Madhurathipather akhilam Madhuram.

Meaning :(Krishna's) gunja-berry necklace is sweet, flower garland is sweet, Yamuna river is sweet, and sweet are Yamuna’s rippling waves, Her water is sweet, and sweet are the lotus flowers also, Everything is sweet about the Lord of Sweetness. 
गोपी मधुरा लीला मधुरा युक्तं मधुरं मुक्तं मधुरम् ‌।
दृष्टं मधुरं शिष्टं मधुरं मधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम् ‌॥ ७ ॥

Gopi Madhura, Leela Madhura,
Yuktham Madhuram, Muktham Madhuram,
Drishtam Madhuram,Sishtam Madhram,
Madhurathipather akhilam Madhuram.

Meaning :(Krishna's) gopis (cowherd girl of Gopa) are sweet, frolickings are sweet, union (meeting) is sweet, deliverance is sweet, sidelong glances are sweet, etiquette is sweet, Everything is sweet about the Lord of Sweetness. 
गोपा मधुरा गावो मधुरा यष्टिर्मधुरा सृष्टिर्मधुरा ।
दलितं मधुरं फलितं मधुरं मधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम्‌ ॥ ८ ॥ 

Gopa Madhura, Gavo Madhura,
Yashtir Madhura, Srushtir Madhra,
Dhalitham Madhram, Phalitham Madhuram,
Madhurathipather akhilam Madhuram.

Meaning :(Krishna's) gopas (cowherd friends) are sweet, cows are sweet, cane (herding-stick) is sweet, creation is sweet, victory is sweet, accomplishment (fruition) is sweet, Everything is sweet about the Lord of Sweetness. 

Madhurastakam Video


Some Comment at YouTube about this Video :
  • I feel embraced by the spirit of purity
  • I heard this mantra with headphone on and my eyes started to drip, I don't know why I cried- it just happened. yet, I am one of those person who never cries watching movies. I think that if you really listen carefully with everything absorbed (faithfully), it will give you the glimpse of the eternal bliss. It can heal. I probably had deep psychological reaction coming from within without conscious knowledge. i feel blessed.
  • It is so beautiful that words cannot describe. It is waste of living without enjoying this song at least once in a life.


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