Ganesh Symbolism

Ganesh Symbolism :
  • Big Head : Think Big
  • Small Eyes : Concentrate
  • Large Ears : Listen More
  • Small Mouth : Talk less
  • Trunk : High Efficiency and Adaptability
  • One Tusk : Retain Good throw away bad
  • Large Stomach : Peacefully Digest all good and bad in life
  • Axe : To cut off all bonds of attachment
  • Rope : To pull you nearer to the highest Goal
  • Blessings : Blesses and protect on Spiritual path to Supreme
  • Madaka : Rewards of Sadhana 
  • Mouse : Desire, Unless under control can cause havoc, you ride the desire and keep it under control and don't allow it to take you for a ride.
  • Prasada : The whole world is at your feet and for your asking

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Anonymous said...

Sanatan Dharma is the original culture of this world, and there was a time when it was spread throughout the world. People can find swastika in every culture like the American Indians, Greece, troy, Italy, Russia and many other countries have this symbol. Look at the 108 symbols of god in Sanatan Dharma and their origin. Things will become very clear about the origin of humanity in this world. It is time to free ourselves from the lies and deception spread throughout the world about our culture.

Dont forget, even today in Sanskrit and Hindi the words for Divorce and any other abusive words do not exist.

Arya samaj was made in the time period of 1800′s, when India was under complete domination of foreign rule. Arya samaj is the attempt to make sanatan dharma into a monotheistic religion, watered down its ancient methods to the very basic.
Look at the vatican square - it is the shiva lingum . It proves that it used to be a ancient culture of Sanatan dharma, which was taken over by the romans and converted.

Vatican - Vatica ie. Anand Vatica - garden of happiness. This was a forced transformation. Now people dont even remember. Only traces of truth remain.

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